2020 Entertainer of the Year - BTS Art Print (sejenis foto untuk di-bingkai)
size: 7.5x10 inch
material: Luster Photo Paper
come roll in tube / digulung di tube

*harga include local shipping dan warehouse fee
*harga exclude shipping fee to Indonesia + tax
*shipping fee to Indonesia + tax dihitung diakhir saat barang sudah sampai indonesia
*pembayaran shipping fee + tax dihitung dengan cara dibagi rata kesemua orderan pengiriman tersebut
*kami tidak dapat memprediksi perkiraan nominal shipping fee ke Indonesia + tax, setelah barang sampai Indonesia baru akan diinfo

TIME Magazine x BTS
Language: English
Issue: Person of the Year - 2020 Entertainer of the Year
Pages: TBA (To be Announce)

ps: they said that BTS will not be the magazine's cover but INSIDE cover, the sales for Magazine START next week

IDR TBA (To be Announce)
*Estimate include Shipping, Supposely No Tax

DP Booking Slot IDR100,000 /slot
Apa itu Booking Slot?
Setelah penjualan dimulai, maka akan langsung dipesan tanpa konfimasi ulang terkait harga, berat, dll

TIME Magazine x BTS

PriceFrom Rp100,000.00